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You are probably aware the hosting industry is very saturated with many businesses offering you crazy amounts of resources and the price is just 99 ₹ or something stupidly similar! One thing that always lives up to its name in this industry is you get what you pay for! Server Plugs only use high quality and high performance HP ProLine servers, we never use the cheaper alternatives to save a few thousand rupee to have to replace broken parts within a year!

We prefer to invest in the best and provide a higher quality of service. One example of this, some of our servers contain multiple Samsung 2TB Enterprise SSD hard disk drives, these cost 70000 ₹ each compared to the standard 2TB SATA drives that cost 2500 ₹ -3000 ₹ each (depending on brand), which one do you think the 99 ₹ / unlimited disk space hosts would choose?

When you sign up with Server Plugs, you're hosting service will only get better over time, we constantly reinvest in our hosting services to give the best possible hosting experience to you and all of our customers. Our innovation and service upgrades is one of the reasons why most of our customers stay loyal to us and never leave.

If your wanting a hosting company who’ll look after your website and aim to provide you with the best possible service, then Server Plugs are the perfect hosting company for you.

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2,500+ Sites and Counting

Server Plugs is now proudly managing the hosting infrastructure, hardware and platform for 2,500+ websites, blogs and systems.

Performance Stack

Our unique stack offers unparalleled performance for your websites. Your accounts lovingly hosted on pure SSD drives right here in Europe & Asia

Family Owned and Run

Server Plugs is a hosting brand privately owned and operated in the India. We now provide one of the India’s fastest-growing hosting platforms designed for the hosting market.

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Amol Saini

CEO and Founder

Pankaj Saini

Co-Founder & Chairman

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